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Articles authored by Elixir School contributors and members of the community.

umbrellas software design

Umbrellas: Only When it Rains?

A look at umbrella applications and how they can help us write cleaner maintainable code.

umbrellas testing til

TIL How to Run Tests for One Child App in an Umbrella

Run all of the tests, or just a specific tests, for a given child app in an umbrella application with this handy command.

docker releases config umbrellas deployment

Releasing an Umbrella App with Docker, Mix Release and Config

The release of Elixir 1.9 gave us mix release and the ability to support basic releases, runtime configuration and more, natively in Elixir. Learn how we were able to build a production release of an Elixir umbrella app with Docker, mix release and the new Config module.

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