Software Engineer II • July 2021 — Present

Currently developing the Focus Flex Camera, a portable, AI-powered soccer camera. Developing the on camera-server, the underlying microservices that it communicates with and the mobile application.

Broadleaf Commerce

Software Engineer • Aug 2020 — July 2021

Development on replatforming from a large spring monolith to microservices. Developed a typescript based client SDK that enables the development of ecommerce experiences without directly having to interact with the API directly. Development on the transition to NextJS that resulted in improved performance and SEO.


Junior Software Developer • Aug 2018 — Dec 2019

Transmute is a Decentralized Ledger startup that is part of the inaugural Oracle's Startup Cloud Accelerator. Designed and developed frontend for the initial product release. Contributed to design and development of the frontend application.

Coding With Kids

Coding Instructor • May 2018 — Aug 2018

Led a variety of classes K-12, teaching the fundementals of programming.


Software Developer Intern • May 2017 — Aug 2017

Online Video editor needed to be adapted to support dynamically updated sponsored filters. Extended existing editor to support this initiative. Developed the ability to not only support branded initiative but enabled multiple filters. Feature enabled greater user interaction and increased revenue opportunity.
Auto Generated Highlights relied on After effects which required a per-machine license which limited scaling. Tasked will helping develop an alternative solution. Helped develop inhouse solution that used HTML5 (CSS and Javascript) as effects and would render together using Ffmpeg. This reduced costs by 80% and allowed scaling to increase 10x

Union Pacific Railroad

Software Developer Intern • Aug 2016 — Feb 2017

Processing data from various sources and formats caused massive overhead, that would not scale as they expanded to more states. Reduce Time by implementing a common data format across platforms and languages. Researched and development several alternatives including Apache Avro and google protocol buffer, and developed a test environment that compared overall times, serialization and deserialization times. Decreased overall time by up to 40%.

State Farm Insurance

IT System Analyst Intern • May 2016 — Aug 2016

New Regulations passed requiring the development of real time monitoring. Develop Frontend and extended APIs.. Developed single page application utilizing websockets and extended APIs to do so. Resulted in a newly launched app that achieved federal compliance and used by over 10,000 users in the field for mission critical monitoring.

University of Texas at Austin Library IT Systems

Developer Intern • Aug 2015 — May 2016

The University’s main library created a macOS specific lab. I was taksed with developing a reservation system, which I developed in switched to allow students to reserve macs with their student login. I also developed the file recovery system so students can access files that were saved on library machines.

State Farm Insurance

IT System Analyst Intern • May 2015 — Aug 2015

All releases were hand tested by the Test Engineers which is slow and inefficient. Aim was to automate common test scenarios. Established a testing Framework using Cucumber, and created a central applications that enabled testing team to view and compare tests. This streamlined testing and increase testing speed by 70%, allow for rapid development more inline with agile methodology.


University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science and Arts, Mathematics • 2020

  • Certificate in Computer Sciences
  • Certificate in Business


Freetail Hackers

Creative Director • 2016 — 2017

Freetail Hackers is the student organization that is responsible for running Texas's largest student-run hackathon. Leading a group of 10 designers and developers in the development of Branding and event promotion. Developed Unified Branding Guidelines and standard design practices for org. Achieved a cohesive branding that is de facto standard across the org and designed shirts worn by over 2000 students.